Monday, 8 May 2017

Laptop Repair Services| Laptop Repair Service in Adarsh Nagar North West Delhi

We introduce our self as Technical Team of  “Laptop Home Service”. We provide technical support in the field of Computer Hardware & Networking. We also have Technical Support at Customer On -site in corporate segments as well as Industrial segment. We give reliable service to IT Machines such as Desktop, Laptop, Servers, WiFi Networking. And we also deals with new hardware and components interface with lots of other technical issues. Especially we work as local technical support with the organizations which have not a local service center in Delhi or any city in Noida and Guru Gram. If you are looking for specific areas like laptop repair service in Adarsh Nagar North West Delhi 110033 then we can assist you. We have Technical team in the IT field of hardware & Networking, which have expertise in:

  • Setting up and Installing OS Win XP, Win2008, Win-7 & Win-10.
  • Installing Microsoft Standard Application Softwares.
  • E-mail Protocols knowledge POP3, IMAP, SMTP and outlook configuration & troubleshooting.
  • Technical Commands and Precise Diagnostics for Computers and other IT Products.
  • Experience in troubleshooting and identifying PC hardware and applications issues.
  • Managing entire Networking with LAN, WAN, Server, Desktop & Laptop & IT Hardware.
  • Handling day to day IT Related Problems.
  • Manager wireless network etc. router, machine configuration.
  • Manage desktop configuration as per company guidelines, Configure email accounts
  • User Creation and security Profile Maintenance
  • Desktop and business application support to remote users and vendor partner.
  • Process to start the services.


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